Graduate Studies

Game design today looks greatly different than it did even a decade ago, with mobile and social media gaining adoption as viable platforms as increasing importance is placed on play psychology, middleware, graphics tools, innovative game mechanics, game evaluation methodology, evolving artificial intelligence techniques, and new narrative structures. Given these developments, gaming has extended its reach beyond traditional entertainment-seeking audiences to those looking to use game experiences in health, education, and training scenarios.

The graduate curriculum offered by the Game Design program at Northeastern seeks to:

  • provide the timely education mentorship required to enter an innovative, competitive, and expanding field
  • foster students to build their own creative projects and enable them to seek entrepreneurial careers within the game industry
  • develop innovative computational techniques, scientific methods, and design ideas in all aspects of student work

Our students, given the shared nature of the program between the College of Arts, Media and Design and the College of Computer and Information Science, study in a diverse hands-on environment that incorporates both computer science and creative design methodologies.