Employing a Northeastern co-op student allows you to build your own qualified, trained future employee pool. Tackle those back-burner projects. Handle recurring tasks and free up employees for higher-level projects. Hire only as needed, for as long as needed.

  • Work with a structured program run by expert faculty who support you and students throughout the co-op process
  • Receive resum├ęs screened for the skills and qualifications you want
  • Adjust job descriptions as often as you need
  • Benefit from students’ fresh perspective, enthusiasm, and knowledge
  • Try different candidates, or rehire students again and again
  • Help educate the next generation of employees in a comprehensive program that integrates classroom learning with practical experience.

In individual and group meetings and seminars, students assess their skills and interests, learn the basics of co-op, and explore career paths. Our students learn to behave like professionals, on co-op and in the classroom.

To get started, please contact a co-op coordinator in your field.