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#iwantCAMD Photo Hunt



Challenges are live! Let’s get started!


Get to know the College of Arts, Media and Design by competing in the #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt on Thursday, September 4. Prizes include gift cards for local restaurants and caffeine purveyors. Plus, everyone gets candy!


1. Invite a friend!
Download and share this flyer with anyone you want to invite to participate.


2. Sign up! (Optional)
Get into a team of 2-4 players (recommended) or compete as a free agent.

3. Block off your calendar!
Challenges will be posted at 2pm on Thursday, September 4. Players will have until 5pm to complete as many as they can.

4. Get posting!
Share completed challenges on Twitter or Instagram with the following info:

Mention @NU_CAMD and include:

  • your team name (if you’re on a team)
  • the #iwantCAMD hashtag
  • the challenge number
  • a brief missive
  • include a pic or video

Example: .@NU_CAMD Pro-tip: Don’t mess with Team Husky. Challenge 1 completed #iwantCAMD

Mention @NortheasternCAMD and include:

  • your team name (if you’re on a team)
  • the #iwantCAMD hashtag
  • the challenge number
  • a brief missive
  • include a pic or video

Example: Sarah from Team Ruggles ate candy for lunch. Challenge 16 completed #iwantCAMD @NortheasternCAMD

5. Stay tuned!
Winners will be announced on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook on Friday, September 5 at 12pm.


Check out the 10 Must-See Posts from last year’s #iwantCAMD Photo Hunt and enjoy this inspirational video. Pretty sure they’re singing “I want CAMD”…



1. Introduce yourself or your team in any medium (e.g. photo, video, audio, text, emoji…). (10 points)

2. Take a photo inspired by the #iwantCAMD flyer. (2 points)

3. Introduce yourself to someone in the CAMD Dean’s office (Ryder 102) and get a treat. Take a picture. (2 points)


4. Find Gallery 360, name a current exhibition, and take a picture. (2 points)

5. Take a picture of your favorite scene on the new mural by Northeastern Artist-in-Residence Daniel Anguilu. (2 points)

6. Can you find the Art Lift installations around campus? Hint: check out the elevators at 716 Columbus Place, West Village H, Curry Student Center, Egan Research Center, Marino Recreation Center, and Snell Library. Take a picture. Can be repeated. (2 points)

7. Find the Digital Media Commons and take a picture of something cool you can do there. (2 points)

8. Find a person or a place on campus that empowers you. Take a picture and give a brief description or record a short video. (5 points)

9. Share a photo of your favorite place on campus to study (or where you plan to study) and tell us why you like it. (2 points)

10. Take a picture with an animal statue on campus. Can be repeated. (2 points)

Advising and Co-op

11. Say hi to Danielle at CAMD’s Office of Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (Meserve 100) and get a treat. Take a picture with someone from the office. (2 points)

12. Vote for your favorite CAMD Goes Global photos at the CAMD Art Walk and Open House (100 Meserve) between 3-4:30pm. Take a picture of your favorite picture(s). Can be repeated twice. (3 points)

Northeastern Center for the Arts

13. Find a poster (paper or digital) with the fall schedule for Northeastern Center for the Arts. Take a picture. Which event will you attend and why? (2 points)

14. Travel to Cuba via Huntington Avenue and take a photo of the new exhibition Cuba, Through the Lens: Dialogue of Civilizations. (2 points)


15. Find the Architecture studio. Take a picture. (1 point)

16. Identify a unique architectural feature of your dorm or apartment and take a picture. (3 points)

17. Find an example of how the Northeastern campus is a sustainable urban landscape and take a picture. (3 points)

Art + Design

18. Find an example of student artwork and take a picture. Can be repeated. (1 point)

19. Find one of the following: the Computer Lab, the Art Studio, or the Photography Lab and take a picture that gives a feel for the space. Can be repeated. (1 point)

20. Create a work of art in any medium and share it. (5 points)

Communication Studies

21. Use non-verbal communication to share a message. Take a picture and give a short explanation of the idea being shared. Can be repeated twice. (2 points)

22. Take a video of someone on your team delivering a short, compelling speech on any topic. (5 points)

Game Design

23. Take a picture of someone playing a game and identify what the game is. (2 points)

24. Find another #iwantCAMD team and play a game with them. Take a picture. (4 points)


25. Interview a student about the first week of school. Take a picture (2 points) or record a video (5 points).

26. Interview a student about how they receive their news and take a photo to illustrate the story. (2 points)

Media and Screen Studies

27. Find a screen, analyze the message, and take a picture. Can be repeated twice. (3 points)

28. Shoot a 15-second movie with a beginning, middle, and end. (10 points)


29. Compose a short piece of music and record it. (5 points)

30. Discover new talent and record them making music. (5 points)


31. Capture a dramatic moment with photo or video. Can be repeated twice. (2 points for photo; 5 points for video)

32. Name a production the Theatre department is producing this year and take a picture inspired by it. (4 points)

Just for Fun

33. Use the back of an #iwantCAMD flyer to add a hashtag to your photos and videos. (1 point per post)

34. Find a creative way to use emoji in your posts. (1 point per post)

35. Use your Husky Card to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for free. Take a picture of something that catches your eye. (5 points)


Thu, Sep 04, 2014

2:00 pm-5:00 pm