Is there an interview required for admission into the program?
No, there is no interview required for admission to the department. For further information regarding admissions as a freshman or transfer student, please contact Undergraduate Admissions.

Can I transfer into the Communication Studies department if I am currently a student?
See the Internal Transfer page for further instructions on declaring Communication Studies as your major. Acceptance into the major is contingent upon meeting the criteria for admission and availability of space within the program.

Can I minor in Communication Studies?
Students who are in good academic standing in any college of the university may minor in Communication Studies. The minor consists of six courses and prepares students to speak persuasively in a variety or situations, understand the history and traditions of the field of communication and organizations, as well as comprehend the business and technology of the communication industry. Students are advised to meet with the academic advisor within their major before pursuing a minor.

When I should see my dean’s office advisor and my faculty advisor?
Your Academic Advisor, in the Dean’s Office, can help answer your questions about the college core curriculum and graduation requirements. Your academic advisor is also available to assist with scheduling and registration problems, dropping or withdrawing from a class, taking a leave for personal or medical reasons, among other things. Students should see their faculty advisor to discuss specific questions regarding their major, such as choosing a concentration, planning for graduate school, and career opportunities.
 Faculty advisors are knowledgeable about the content of specific courses and the various fields for which a communication major prepares students. If students do not know who their faculty advisor is, please visit the Communication Studies Department in 204 Lake Hall.

Can I take five courses this semester?
A regular full-time course load consists of three to four courses. However students are able to enroll in more than four courses, but must receive permission from their academic advisor. Generally, first year students are not allowed to overload. Upper-class students who would like to overload must be in good academic standing (at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA). Students are charged additional tuition for an overload, and should be sure to contact the Customer Service Center in 254 Richards Hall about the cost to overload.

I am doing an internship this semester. How can I receive credit for it?
In order to receive academic credit for an internship, an intern site must receive approval prior to the intern’s start date. Students should register for COMM 4994 Internship in Communication Studies and then contact the Communication Department office before beginning the internship. Students normally take this class as part of a regular full time course load (along with 2-3 other classes).

I am interested in the dual major in Communication Studies and Cinema Studies. Where can I find more information?
Students interested in this dual major should visit the Cinema Studies web site and meet with an advisor in the department. Dual majors develop their course of study with an advisor from both Communication Studies and Cinema Studies.