Communication is a diverse discipline and each department is unique. At Northeastern, the Communication Studies curriculum was created to achieve three distinct objectives.

All majors should be able to:

  • communicate effectively, responsibly, and ethically as local, national, international, and global citizens and leaders;
  • explain the major paradigms, theories, and conceptual frameworks for understanding human communication and be capable of applying this knowledge to solve contemporary problems;
  • analyze and evaluate published research, and design and conduct communication research studies using quantitative social science, interpretive, or critical methods.

The requirements for the Communication Studies major have changed over the years. Current students can find the applicable requirements by following the link below for the year they started at Northeastern.

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*Course requirements are maintained by Northeastern University’s Office of the Registrar

The Communication Studies Department has developed a half-major template, by which students can combine with a half-major from another department to create their own unique combination of majors.

Communication Studies Half Major