Photo by Mariah Tauger

Gallery 360 exhibit returns to kindergarten

Gallery 360 is cur­rently filled with wooden blocks, paper snowflakes, and lesson books fea­turing drawing, sewing, and paper weaving. It …
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Where art and science intersect

The following post was generously contributed by Santiago Gil, a post doctoral research associate at Northeastern’s Center for Complex Network Research. …
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Botond Részegh, Northeastern's artist-in-residence, has an exhibit on display at Gallery 360 titled "Nightfall," which portrays the plight of a political prisoner who loses freedom and then finds it again while in jail. Photo by Brooks Canaday

One character, thousands of stories

Botond Részegh’s exhibit “Night­fall,” which is on dis­play at Northeastern’s Gallery 360 until March 9, tells a story. It cen­ters on a main …
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NU students get first look at Richard Linklater flick

Executive producer and film sales agent John Sloss watches more than 1,250 completed films a year, but he only brought one — …
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