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Journalism Student Aren LeBrun is featured in his hometown newspaper after winning NE Emmys for his videos of unsolved murders

Telling stories is what a journalist does whether it’s a story about a town hall meeting or exposing emotional social …
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Working in the lab of Kit Parker has taught graphic designer Brian Fountaine that there is beauty in science. (Photo by Eliza Grinnell/SEAS Communications.)

Brian Fountaine, The art of science

In Harvard summer program, soldier-turned-scholar finds inspiration in research. Brian Fountaine‚Äôs (BFA in Graphic Design, AMD’17) sketchpad is filled with …
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Pep Band

New Season, New Director for NU Pep Band

Allison Cockshaw-Betsold joins the Northeastern University community as Assistant Director of Bands with big ideas and an eagerness to collaborate. …
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Rethinking the future: Cristhy Mattos on designing for disposal

Cristhy Mattos, MDES-SUEN student, is featured in Rethinking the Future, a blog that focuses on¬†international trends in architecture and design …
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