391 Ryder

Russell Pensyl

Professor - Media Arts, Interactive Media, Animation

Russell Pensyl (MFA 88, BFA 85) is an American media artist and designer. He was pioneer in the design and creation of interactive media as early as 1983. Pensyl owned and operated two companies in digital media from 1988 until 2003 that designed and created films and interactive media for Fortune 500 companies such as Apple Computer, IBM, Motorola, Kodak, Adobe Systems, Sony, Disney, Pearson Education, JCPenney, WebTV, 3Com, PalmPilot, American Airlines, Lucent Technologies and others. Pensyl’s current work includes the creation of location based entertainment several areas of technology in the application of content delivery in environmental spaces including facial recognition, positioning and localization, gesture recognition. Recently, research in the use of facial recognition technology, positioning and augmented reality annotation is resulting in commercially viable communication technologies as well as user centric, autonomously responsive systems using biometric data in interactive installations. In recent work, the “subtle presence” of autonomously responsive media in interactive installations presents dynamic time lapse still-life paintings that shifts subtly, caused by sensing personal characteristics of the viewer in exhibition spaces. One installation using this system, “subtle presence,” was presented in the 2011 International Sarajevo Winter Festival. In 2008 Pensyl’s mixed reality installation “The Long Bar” was a Curator Invited Installation into the SIGGRAPH Asia Synthesis – Curated Show/Art Gallery in Singapore. His work has be included in interantional exhibitions and venue such as the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival, 2004 Shang Hai Biennial, Machida City Museum of Graphics Arts, Tokyo, Japan, the 2002 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, NAB, COMDEX and many others.



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