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Mira Cantor

Professor – Art

Mira Cantor was born in New York and graduated with an MFA from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. She was awarded a Fulbright in 1994-95 to Alexandria, Egypt where she taught and showed her work at the American Center. Her solo shows include the Tokyo American Center in Japan, the BWA Gallery in Krakow, Poland, Hampshire College, De Cordova Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum, The Contemporary Arts Center in Honolulu, Gallery Lohrl in Dusseldorf. She is in the collection of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University (drawing) and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (drawing), Simmons College, The Danforth Museum and the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis as well as the Honolulu Academy of Arts and the Contemporary Arts Center of Honolulu. Her drawings have been exhibited at the Vienna Biennale, Norwegian Internationale Print Biennale as well as biennales in Yugoslavia and Krakow. She is in many private collections in the US and Europe. Mira Cantor lives and works in Boston. She is represented by the Genovese Sullivan Gallery, Boston. Her last solo exhibition of drawings and sculpture called “Silver Lake”, was in 2005 and will be presenting her latest work at the Moakley Courthouse on January 15th- March 27th, 2009. Mira Cantor has been in many group-drawing exhibitions in Boston, e.g. “Passion,” curated by William Stover from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2003; “The Boston Drawing Show,” curated in 1998 by the former Director of the Rose Art Museum, Carl Belz and, in 1993, by Cliff Ackley from the Museum of Fine Arts. Spring 2009 she was on sabbatical working on a new series of painting. In the winter(2010) she was an artist in residence in Banff, Canada.

Honors & Awards

  • Invited to present at the Tenth Annual Diversity Conference in Belfast, Ireland, 2010
  • Accepted– Banff Winter Self Directed Residency, 2010
  • The Drawing Center, 2009
  • The Banff Centre Artist Residency Program Accepted, 2009
  • International Education Task Force Session of the Fulbright Association’s 32nd Annual Conference, “Mutual Understanding amid Global Economic Challenges.”, 2009
  • Danforth Museum Permanent Collection, 2007
  • Burren College of Art Residency, 2007



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