321 Ryder

Milda Richardson

Lecturer – Art History

Milda Richardson’s research focuses on 19th- and 20th-century art, design, folk art, architecture and issues relating to cultural landscape. She is currently writing a monograph on Maginnis & Walsh, the leading American ecclesiastical designers during the first half of the 20th century. Her chapter in The Makers of Trinity Church… examines the hitherto neglected contribution of the Irish immigrant Charles D. Maginnis in redesigning the chancel space of H.H. Richardson’s masterpiece and places the chancel and its liturgical arts within the context of 20th-century design. Richardson’s professional experience in diversity training and educational management adds a dimension to her interdisciplinary teaching, which emphasizes the intersections between the arts and humanities as part of the post-industrial educational experience at Northeastern. Her essays in the award winning exhibition catalog Sacred Spaces… and Buildings of Massachusetts reflect her interest in diverse expressions of material culture. Richardson’s interest in the international Arts & Crafts movement led to her Ph.D. dissertation, “The Metamorphosis of the Lithuanian Wayside Shrines 1850-1990,” in which she analyzes the development of this unique folk art from an anthropological and political perspective. Her chapter on the subject in International Perspectives… “illustrates a classic power struggle played out in the community centers of Lithuania following Soviet occupation. …What is interesting in Richardson’s story of Lithuania’s folk art is the strength of covertly expressed community values that existed in the context of an imposed non-democratic political system.” The chapter entitled “Reverence and Resistance…” in Perspectives… contributes to a pioneer volume which provides new lines of inquiry to the broader task of interpreting our cultural landscape.

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