Alessandra Renzi

565 Holmes Hall

Alessandra Renzi

Assistant Professor - Video Arts

Alessandra Renzi is Assistant Professor in Emergent Media for the Department of Art + Design and for the Program in Media and Screen Studies. She received her PhD in Humanities, Social Sciences & Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto through the Centre for Media and Culture in Education, and her M.A. in North American and Italian Studies from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. She has held fellowships at the Infoscape Centre for the Study of Social Media, Ryerson University, Toronto and at the School of Information Studies and Centre for 21st Century Studies of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Dr. Renzi’s interdisciplinary work explores the linkages and relays between media, art and activism through ethnographic studies and media art projects. Her research interests have led her to study pirate television networks in Italy and the surveillance of social movements in Canada. She has published widely in scholarly and art journals, and her book Infrastructure Critical: Sacrifice at Toronto’s G8/G20 Summit, co-authored with Greg Elmer, was published in 2012. As part of her past research on surveillance and dissent at the Infoscape Centre, she helped produce the collaborative documentary film Preempting Dissent: Policing the Crisis on government surveillance after 9-11. Her current research focuses on the design and socio-cultural impact of participatory networks and social media platforms for collaboration.

Dr. Renzi’s community media art interventions interrogate and build upon the habits and practices that emerge in connection with social media technologies. She is the co-creator with Dr. Roberta Buiani of Activism beyond the Interface: The Sandbox Project, an art project located at the intersection between face-to-face and interface. This work has been featured internationally in venues like the Transmediale Festival in Berlin, the Hemispheric Institute’s Encuentro in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Queens Museum of Art in New York.


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