Semester Abroad

SACI (Studio Art Centers International) was founded in 1975, creating a complete program in Florence, Tuscany, for students seeking excellence in studio art and liberal arts instruction at the United States university level. SACI is affiliated with Northeastern, which means that academic credits earned while overseas are transferable to Northeastern. The SACI experience provides a great opportunity for students to experience the Italian culture while pursuing a degree.

Summer Abroad

The Department of Art + Design Summer Abroad program allows students to experience:

Photo Cuba

Experience Photo Cuba the historic streets of Cuba while engaging in documentary photography. During their stay, students will be enrolled in Cuba Cultural History, a class with a focus on Cuba’s culture, music, and visual arts, while engaged in an intensive photographic program. Two photography classes are offered: Photo Basics for Non-Majors and Photo Documentary for students who have previously taken Photo Basics. The class will encompass a term-length photographic project in which students research local cultural outlets, make personal contacts, and document their findings.

Art in Ireland

Discover painting at Burren College of Art in one of the most beautiful and unusual environments on the western coast of Ireland in your own studio where you can create a large body of work with daily critiques. Burren College of Art is on the grounds of a 16th century castle and offers residency programs to art students from around the world.

Photo Venice

Photo Venice gives students the opportunity to live, study, and experience the culture of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore digital photography and art history in Venice, Italy. Taught by faculty from Northeastern and local universities, students are immersed in a full-time schedule of digital photography and art history. The program runs for four weeks during the Summer 1 semester, and students earn eight credits.