The combination of classroom and experiential learning enriches students’ course of study and promotes career development.

Learning goals include:

  • Intellectual growth (critical thinking and communication skills)
  • Academic growth (increased knowledge of the field of interest and the development of technical skills)
  • Personal and professional growth (the cultivation of ethical and social awareness, as well as career and individual development)

A student is eligible to go on co-op if (s)he:

  • Has a GPA that is 2.0 or greater for domestic co-ops, or 2.75 for international co-ops;
  • Has successfully completed the Professional Development for Co-op course; and
  • Has procured approval from the department’s co-op coordinator.

Transfer students must also meet these requirements.

Department of Art + Design requires all students to follow their Co-op pattern of attendance once they are assigned a Co-op division. Co-op patterns of attendance are not flexible, since A +D fall and spring course schedule and sequences are not flexible. Many required courses for Digital Art, Interactive Media or Game Design combined majors are typically offered during the Fall semester, making fall co-op unavailable.  Going on co-op in fall will interfere with your program of study and put you at risk for delayed graduation. A+D Coop Process highlights these guidelines.

Co-op is a three step process. It includes preparation, activity and reflection. The “preparation” spans the entire semester prior to co-op. It includes skill development (e.g.  interviewing and résumé writing) as well as the application process. The “activity” is the six month co-op experience (January to June, or July through December). The “reflection” component takes place after the return to campus. The Department of Art + Design recommends  that students conduct two co-ops, or a combination of co-op and some other form of experiential education, such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or internships.

For details about preparing for co-op, and for application deadlines, contact our co-op coordinator.

Employers seeking to hire an Art + Design co-op student should complete our online form, and a staff member will follow up immediately.

You can learn more about the co-op program on the university’s co-op website.