Our Visiting Lecture Series is a longstanding tradition of providing our students with an opportunity to learn about current and emerging trends in art and design. Through these lectures students are exposed to contemporary national and international artists and designers who are innovators in their areas of expertise.


  • Steve Badanes, Artist
  • Linda Beaumont, Public Art Artist
  • Louis-Philippe Demers, Interactive Media & Robotics artist
  • Beth Galston, Artist, Sculptor
  • Mags Harries, Artist
  • Lajos Héder, Artist
  • Billie Grace Lynn, Kinetic Sculpture Artist
  • Laura Kalman, Artist
  • Neil Leonard, Sound Artist
  • Hou Liping, Artist
  • Pam Longobardi, Painter, Photographer
  • Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, Artist
  • Chloe Piene, Artist
  • Rachel Perry Welty, Artist
  • Mark Reed, Artist, Founder
  • Karlis Rekevics, Sculpture Artist
  • Botond Reszegh, Artist

Art History

  • Tom McDonough, Art Historian

Digital Art – Animation

  • Paul America, CG Artist
  • Jeff Kleiser, CEO and Co-founder, Special Effects Artist, Producer, Director
  • Terrence Masson, Director, Special Effects Artist
  • Michael Mattesi, Animator
  • Scott McCloud, Special Effects Artist, Technical Director, Author
  • Gary Schwartz, Artist, Animator, Educator
  • Wang Lei, Animation Film Maker, Educator

Digital Art – Photography

  • Rick Callahan, Founder
  • Carlota Duarte, Artist, Photographer
  • David Hillard, Photographer
  • Stella Johnson,  Photographer
  • Beatrix Reinhardt, Photographer
  • Jim Stone, Artist, Photographer
  • William Wegman, Photographer
  • Joel Peter Witkin, Photographer

Digital Art – Video

  • Abigail Child, Film and Video Artist, Author
  • Kevin Jerom Everson, Video Artist
  • Rufus Butler Seder and Meredith Bak, Film and Video Artist

Game Design

  • Ken Arnold, Game Designer, Co-creator
  • Seth Sivak, Game Designer

Graphic Design

  • Jake Barton, Designer
  • Cyrus Highsmith, Designer
  • Mikro Ilic, Designer
  • Laura Kurgan, Designer
  • Krzysztof Lenk, Graphic Designer
  • Manuel Lima, Designer
  • Christopher Pullman, Design Consultant, Former VP for Design
  • Nolen Strals, Designer
  • Jer Thorp, Designer
  • Bruce Willin, Designer
  • Dietmar R. Winkler, Artist