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The college offers monthly First Friday information sessions throughout the year. Please visit Northeastern Undergraduate Admissions to register.

Spring 2016 First Fridays:

January 15
February 5
February 19
March 4
April 1
April 8 (Admitted Students Only)
April 15 (Admitted Students Only)
April 22
May 13

Can’t make it to our college events? Or have questions about our programs?

Can’t make it to our college events? Or have questions about our programs?

Kate Benson
Director of Student Enrollment
102 Ryder Hall
Northeastern University

Art makes life meaningful. Design makes life possible.

The work of artists and designers informs and forms cultures, benefits society and empowers the global marketplace of ideas. As a student of art and design you are encouraged and enabled to prepare for a rich and rewarding life making a significant difference in the lives of others.

At Northeastern, we teach the fundamentals of thinking, making and doing; you learn to use ideas and influences, tools and techniques, and principles and processes. We provide the community of a global cultural center and facilities of a major urban research university; you pursue your curiosity about, intentions toward, and obligations to, the evolving world. Summer programs in Ireland, Venice, Rome, Berlin and Cuba offer intensive studio experiences to augment your study with travel and creative work in the context of other cultures.

We cultivate your talents as a creative source of original ideas and expressions of your inner life using classical, current and emerging media; you are inspired and challenged to critique and create works of art and design.

We teach visual literacy and fluency of form in the context of a liberal arts education and professional art and design practices; you are transformed into a creative force ready to realize your potential to create value and benefit.

We welcome you to explore our undergraduate and graduate programs, visit us on campus, and contact us with your questions and comments.

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