The continuing revolution in digital computing and global communications has produced a rapidly evolving field for artists who create experiences of image and form with computer screens, intelligent devices and new materials; who also invent tools for exploring, creating, and distributing their ideas and works. We offer concentrations in media practices of animation, photography, and video, with more variations yet to be invented by you.

Courses in imaginative and narrative arts, required for professional work in documentary films, game art and promotion, visualization, motion graphics, interactive art, illustration and short animated film, are offered. An intensive studio program, this curriculum seeks to provide you with knowledge, experience and techniques of media arts informed by theory, experimentation and critique. Extensive digital imaging and interactive media editing and production facilities afford you the opportunity to become highly proficient in the current skills and emerging practices necessary for remarkable work. The media arts are evolving and expanding their reach into culture and society in daily life and global experience. The revolutions in 3D printing, embedded devices and robotics are changing the landscape in which the media artist will operate. This degree prepares you to meet the challenges of continuous change with adaptive ingenuity.

This major is offered as BFA in Media Arts without a concentration, BFA in Media Arts with concentration in Animation, BFA in Media Arts with concentration in Photography and BFA in Media Arts with concentration in Video Art.

Faculty Mentor: Russell Pensyl,, 617.373.5864

Current students are required to refer to their degree audit through myNeu or Northeastern University Undergraduate Catalog for requirements. 

Freshman Year Fall

Freshman Year Spring

Sophomore Year Fall

 Sophomore Year Spring

  • Drawing Fundamentals Elective
  • Media Arts History Elective
  • Art + Design Elective
  • NU Core

 Middler Year

 Junior Year

  • Co-op (6 months)
  • Art + Design Elective
  • Art + Design Elective
  • NU Core
  • Open Elective

 Senior Year Fall

Senior Year Spring

Drawing Fundamentals Electives

 Media Arts Basics Elective 

Complete one course with corresponding tools course, as indicated, from the following list:

 Media Arts History Elective

Complete one of the following courses:

No concentration Electives 

Complete six Art + Design Electives with corresponding tools courses, as indicated or any Drawing Fundamentals Elective or Media Arts History Elective or Media Arts Basics Elective not previously taken:

 Art + Design Electives

Faculty Mentor: Russell Pensyl,, 617.373.5864

To declare a major that is housed in the College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD), come to Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE) office at 100 Meserve Hall to meet with an Academic Advisor and submit your Program of Study Petition.

Co-op division is ZA.