An intensive studio-based program, the curriculum balances design history and theory with studio projects in both dynamic and static media to provide a broad understanding of the principles of perception and communication. As active participants in the interpretation and production of meaning itself, students integrate the many facets of their university-based liberal arts experience. Extensive computer facilities enable students to become proficient in the leading-edge skills necessary to produce their work for both the virtual and concrete worlds.

For detailed information on BFA in Graphic Design curriculum, please refer to the latest Northeastern University Undergraduate Catalog.

To declare this major, visit Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE) office, in 100 Meserve Hall.

Course numbers and names are subject to change in future. 

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

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Junior Year

Senior Year


4D Design Electives

Choose 2 from these classes:

Design Elective

Choose 1 from these classes, or any 4D Design Elective:

Open Elective – Digital Art Basics and Tools

Choose 1 from these classes:

Or choose 1 from these classes:

Open Electives – History