To combine a half major that is housed in the College of Arts, Media and Design (CAMD), come to Academic Advising and Cooperative Education (AACE) office at 100 Meserve Hall to  meet with an Academic Advisor.

Two half majors in Art + Design are not allowed.

Example combined majors include:

  • Media Arts and Cinema Studies
  • Media Arts and Communication Studies
  • Media Arts and Media and Screen Studies


Course numbers and names are subject to change in future.

Complete the following one required course:

Art + Design at Northeastern

Art + Design Fundamentals

Complete the following four required courses:

Drawing Fundementals    

Complete 1 of the following two courses:

Art + Design History

Complete the following two required courses:

Degree Project 

Complete the following one required course:

Media Art Basics Electives

Complete 2 of the following three courses with corresponding tools courses, as indicated:

Art + Design Electives

Complete two Art + Design Electives with corresponding tools courses, as indicated, or any Drawing Fundamentals Elective, Media Arts Basics Elective not previously taken: