The BA in Art is offered with a concentration in Visual Studies that incorporates art and design history with a cultural study of seeing. Understanding vision to be as much a product of lived culture and a phenomenon that is as dynamic, creative and social, as it is physical and biological, you will explore differing ways to interpret the visible world that surrounds us. You will learn history and theory of the visual arts and visual experience as we address connections between topics as wide-ranging as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the computer interface used in Apple’s Lisa. Visual Studies develops your critical insight into, and understanding of, what we see. It equips you for a life of rich and deep cultural experiences as our human civilization is expressed and continues to evolve.

This major is offered as BA in Art, with or without a concentration in Visual Studies.

Co-op divisions are YA and ZA.

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Freshman Year Fall

Freshman Year Spring

Sophomore Year Fall

Sophomore Year Spring

Middler Year

Junior Year

Senior Year Fall

Senior Year Spring

Art + Design History Electives

Complete three courses from the following lists as indicated:

Note: Architectural History and Media and Screen Studies courses may also be used upon approval by the chair of the Department of Art + Design.