Faculty Mentor:  Mira Cantor, m.cantor@neu.edu, 617.373.2348

To declare a minor in Art, come to 100 Meserve Hall to fill out a Program of Study Petition in person or you can drop us an email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your NUID
  • The name of the CAMD minor you want to declare.

If you need to drop your CAMD minor, you can also send us an email with that same information.

To declare a minor in another college, contact the advising center for that college. Links are available at the Mentoring and Advising page.



Students with majors inside Department of Art + Design need to complete the following two required courses, as indicated:

Art + Design Electives

Complete three courses with corresponding tools course, as indicated from the following list:

Not allowed for BA in Art majors.

Students who wish to register for 2000 Level courses and above need to plan ahead in order to complete pre-requisite course(s) ahead of time.