Academic and experiential learning advisors from the Center for Student Academic Services (CSAS) provide guidance on academic matters and assist students in their progress from orientation through graduation.


Faculty mentors from a variety of disciplines are available to explore academic choices at the Department of Art + Design. To speak with a Faculty Mentor for our Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, please contact the Department of A + D at 239 Ryder Hall or refer to A+D Faculty Mentors Office Hours. During summer faculty mentors are only available by appointment.

Laptop, Software and Fonts

The Department of Art + Design Student Laptop, Software and Fonts Requirements enable students to be better prepared and properly equipped for their studies in the department and their co-op experiences.


Lockers are available for students enrolled in Art + Design courses. Students can acquire a locker from the Department of Art + Design in 239 Ryder Hall between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by filling out a student locker request form. Students must provide their own lock. The department will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Lockers must be emptied by the last week of final exams. For questions regarding student lockers, please contact the Department of Art + Design, 617.373.2347 or visit 239 Ryder Hall.

Forms, Activities, Clubs, and General Information

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Student Organizations and Clubs


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