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New and notable Spring 2015 courses

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The Department of Art + Design offers unique special topic courses each academic year in addition to regular our upper level courses in various disciplines. For help with registration, please email Judy Ulman.

ARTG 3250.01 – Physical Computing
CRN 36853
Instrcutor: Mark Sivak

ARTE 3901.02 – 3D Scanning Distruptive Innovation and Risk
CRN 37355
Instructor: Janos Stone

Uses hand-held 3D scanners, Google Glass and 3D printing, to investigate the risk these disruptive technologies may pose to security in 12 areas: Personal, Economic, Objects Intellectual Property, Health, Safety, Environment, Fear/Anxiety, Insurance Business/Finance, Security, Human Factors.  Then looks for areas of value by developing countermeasures, 3D printed models and data visuals. Sophomore standing or above or permission of instructor is required. If interested, contact Janos Stone, A + D Design Researcher in Residence. j.stone@neu.edu.




ARTE 4901.02 – StoryLab – Designing the Future of Magazine Journalism with Esquire Magazine
CRN: 37297
Instructor: David J. Tames and Aleszu Bajak

StoryLab brings together designers, developers, and journalists to work with Esquire editorial staff in reimagining both classic and new Esquire stories for the digital age. The curriculum will be organized around existing Esquire features, with an emphasis on creativity and experimentation in the use of interactive media, data visualization, and new forms of narrative presentation. Esquire staffers will be present as frequent guest lecturers and active collaborators. This course is open to both graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors.

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ARTE 3901.01 – Special Topics in Art and Design Studio – Physical Design
CRN 37220
Instructor: Janos Stone

Physical Design offers a hands-on, design­to­prototype experience. It interweaves engineering concepts and DIY Maker Technologies with 3D Form Theory and 3D Design Principles. Human Factors, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Arduino, and other methods to prototype functional products for world applications. Physical Design will be taught in conjunction with Physical Computing. Graduate students, sophomore standing or above or permission of instructor is required. If interested, contact Janos Stone, A + D Design Researcher in Residence. j.stone@neu.edu.