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Laptop, Software and Fonts


As you gear up for fall semester, the Department of Art + Design would like to inform you of student-owned laptop requirements for Art + Design courses in rooms 305, 399A, 399B and 427.

The Art + Design curriculum integrates computer technology with most courses. A student-owned laptop and Adobe’s Creative Cloud is necessary for all students to complete course assignments and projects. Generally, Apple computers are the industry standard for most majors in Art + Design, however, many Windows computers are also suitable. You may already own a suitable laptop, however, should you need to purchase one, orders can be placed through myNeu, where Northeastern has worked with Apple to offer a discount beyond the standard educational discount. Orders should be placed prior to your arrival on campus. Deliveries to residence halls are strongly discouraged.

If you don’t have a laptop and purchasing one now presents a hardship, there are options available to you. Please contact Chris Franson, our Technical Director, with questions at or 617-373-7168.

Additional details about computer requirements are available on the A + D Web site.