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Industrialized Housing Delivery Ecologies / Ivan Rupnik

For much of the last century architects have ‘dreamed of a factory made home’, designed according to their specifications. Meanwhile the building industry has industrialized according to its own logics, with nearly 25% of all residential construction in the US being classified as ‘modular’ or ‘prefabricated’. Using a series of case studies, this studio mapped out the logics of contemporary industrialized housing delivery. We shifted scale from the individual building component to what we  call the industrial ecology, a network of material flows and transportation systems that more clearly define the contemporary housing delivery landscape. We studied a number of manufacturers, including Simplex and Kullman, a series of existing systems including Connect Homes, the Modern Modular and Hive Homes, as well as the Modular code. Students were introduced to a new set of graphic projection and project management tools used by all industries. The research process included field trips to factories and building sites.