Matthew Heins


Matthew Heins received his Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Michigan, his Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning (joint degree) from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and his B.A. in Mathematics from Williams College. His areas of expertise are urban design, infrastructure, urban history and urban theory, and his scholarship focuses in particular on the role of regulatory frameworks, bureaucratic practices and standards in urbanism and the built world. Matthew’s dissertation explored the impact of the shipping container (a globally standardized object) on the domestic American transportation infrastructure from the 1950s to the present. Currently he is pursuing research on how urban form, particularly in suburban contexts, is affected by pervasive rules, regulations and standards like zoning codes and engineering practices. Matthew has also taught at Wayne State University. In addition, he has worked in both architecture and urban planning, and is a licensed architect. Matthew is originally from the Boston area.

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