2014-15 Offi­cers

Leah Solomon,  President

Becky Krupkowski, Co-Vice President

Caitlin Monahan, Co-Vice President

Secretary/PR, Sarah Warren

Treasurer, Michael Deitz


The North­east­ern chap­ter of the Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Archi­tec­ture Stu­dents is open to all archi­tec­ture stu­dents, who are encour­aged to par­tic­i­pate in its many activities. AIAS organizes field trips to local firms, arranges portfolio reviews, and holds software tutorials for any students interested in participating.

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2014-15 Offi­cer

Alex “Grizz” Prictoe Team Captain


The North­east­ern Uni­ver­sity chap­ter of Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Archi­tec­ture Stu­dents (AIAS) is proud to announce the com­ple­tion of its sec­ond Free­dom by Design (FBD) design/build project: an acces­si­ble ramp addi­tion to the Con­gre­ga­tion Eitz Chayim build­ing in Cam­bridge, MA.

The project began in early Feb­ru­ary 2012 as a con­ver­sa­tion between Chelsea Brown, a fifth year archi­tec­ture stu­dent, and then Team Cap­tain of AIAS FBD and her co-op employer David Eisen of Aba­cus Archi­tects + Plan­ners and mem­ber of Con­gre­ga­tion Eitz Chayim. Since then, the project has moved quickly, from a fea­si­bil­ity study, to design and con­struc­tions draw­ings, through per­mit­ting and a rapid con­struc­tion all in just under 8 months!

“With each new project we are of course hop­ing to get hands-on expe­ri­ence design­ing and build­ing,” says Chelsea, “but what has been great about this project has been the level of com­mu­nity engage­ment.” Last spring the stu­dent group hosted a design char­rette open to the North­east­ern Uni­ver­sity com­mu­nity, in which teams of design­ers were given plans of the site, with a dif­fer­ent entrance high­lighted in each, and asked to design a ramp spe­cific to that entrance. The designs were then reviewed with the help of School of Archi­tec­ture fac­ulty mem­bers Sam Choi and Michael Gro­gan. As a result, the char­rette was a great way to intro­duce the project, as well as a way to get more peo­ple excited and involved in the project.

Through­out the sum­mer months, the FBD team set to work on the design and con­struc­tion draw­ings, work­ing closely with David Eisen and David Salomon, a reg­is­tered con­trac­tor and head of the Congregation’s build­ing com­mit­tee. Simul­ta­ne­ously, Eitz Chayim set to work fundrais­ing for the ramp. Because the con­gre­ga­tion was not the typ­i­cal FBD client, a home­owner with lim­ited mobil­ity, the con­gre­ga­tion took on the respon­si­bil­ity of fundrais­ing for all mate­ri­als for the con­struc­tion, which sped the progress of the project tremen­dously. After secur­ing all of the funds and apply­ing for a build­ing per­mit in early August, con­struc­tion began, and with the excep­tion of one rain­out, mem­bers of the North­east­ern Uni­ver­sity Free­dom by Design team were on the build site every week­end build­ing on the ramp.

This project is the result of the hard work and ded­i­ca­tion of many peo­ple and spon­sors. Pan­era Bread donated baked goods and cof­fee to the design char­ret­ter, with draw­ing sup­plies donated by Utrecht Art Sup­plies. And Zip­car donated the use of a zip­van for the dura­tion of the build. Free­dom by Design is com­posed of North­east­ern Uni­ver­sity archi­tec­ture stu­dents Jimmy Chao, Anita Cheng, Celeste Li, Ovgu Ozcan, Olivia Bow­er­ing, Dominik Wit, Chelsea Brown and Michael Green. Addi­tional vol­un­teer stu­dents include archi­tec­ture stu­dents Heather Lit­tle, Ellen Duff, Yun Gao, Yim­ing Wei, Lin­nea Coveney, Nicholas Guertin, Karen Hilario, Kevin Chen, Sijie Dai, Lama Bitar, Dylan Church, Sean Kline, Lukas LaL­ib­erte, David Parker, Joe Skrocki, and Matt Piccirillo.

Free­dom by Design is the char­i­ta­ble design/build pro­gram of the Amer­i­can Insti­tute of Archi­tects. The FBD team at North­east­ern is ded­i­cated to improv­ing the lives of those with lim­ited mobil­ity and/or income to improve their sur­round­ings. Com­posed of archi­tec­ture stu­dents, the team is solely respon­si­ble for the design, fundrais­ing, and con­struc­tion of each of its build projects.


Student Advisory Representative 

The students of the School of Architecture organize a Student Advisory group each year, made up of representatives from each year. The Student Advisory Group is charged with communicating student concerns to the administration of the school and the college.

The group meets in the studio and is open to all students of the school.