To sign up for time to use the laser cutter, please visit the online schedule. Students must create a username only once, after which they will be able to sign up for time whenever necessary. They have 30 minutes to cut during the allotted block of time.

The schedule is available for sign up once a week. Every Monday the schedule opens at 9:30 am for sign up for that day and the following week. This will continue every week throughout the semester. Because of the amount of students that want to use the laser cutter, the number of hours a week a student can sign up is limited to 3. These 3 hours can be spread out in any way the student decides (all in one day, or multiple days through the week).

Students must bring their laser file on a jump drive/ thumb drive/ usb flash drive along with precut 17 3/4″ x 23 3/4″ boards. All files should be pre-formatted according to the Laser Cutter Guidelines

Use the AutoCAD Laser Cutter Template to format your files appropriately for the laser cutter. 

The Laser Cutter is only available during time when a monitor is on duty. Use of the laser cutter outside of these times is prohibited.

If you are interested in becoming a laser cutter monitor, please contact Brad Goetz at