One of the most important issues facing designers of the built environment today, sustainability is also a major research focus for Northeastern University and the subject of this exciting new major in the School of Architecture.

The Sustainability track of the BS in Architectural Studies degree focuses on issues surrounding sustainability and the built environment, providing electives specifically designed for the sustainability students. Greater flexibility in the curriculum as compared to the professional track BS in Architecture allows students to take advantage of the wide range of elective offerings both in the College of Architecture and throughout the university.

Note that all students completing the BS in Architectural Studies degree are eligible for Northeastern’s Two-Year Master of Architecture Program.

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Take all courses from Common Course sequence plus the following:

ARCS 2xxx  Sustainability Course 1
ARCH 5210 Environmental Systems

Two major electives from other departments:
ENVR 3200 Water Resources
ENVR 4515 Sustainable Development
LARC 2230 Site Materials and Methods
CIVE 2334 Environmental Engineering (pre-req Chem 1151)
CIVE 4566 Sustainable Transportation in US & Europe
CIVE 5270 Environmental Protection and Management
CIVE 5373 Transportation Planning and Engineering
CIVE 5376 Traffic Engineering
SBSY 5100 Sustainable Design and Tech in Construction
SBSY 5200 Sustainable Engineering Sys for Buildings

Program Coor­di­na­tor

Amanda Reeser Lawrence, PhD
Assistant Professor

Common Course Sequence→

The common course sequence includes all of the required courses that are shared between each track.