Are you passionate about architectural ideas but don’t necessarily want to spend all of your time in the design studio? Do you enjoy writing? Have you thought about going to graduate school in architecture, architectural history, city planning, historic preservation, or maybe something else? Do you want to strengthen your visual, verbal, and writing skills? Are you curious as to how and why architectural projects are produced, and why they look the way they do? Do you wonder who makes decisions about the built environment and how they make them?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or if you are simply excited to think “big” about architecture then this could be the major for you.

The Culture and Criticism track in the BS in Architectural Studies degree focuses on critical issues in design culture, both contemporary and historical. In their first four semesters students complete the core history sequence and the first three design studios along with the BS in Architecture students. In semesters four through eight they take two electives designed specially for the Culture & Criticism track one Building Technology and Studio course for all Arch Studies majors, and can choose from a number of electives both within the School of Architecture and throughout the university.

Note that all students completing the BS in Architectural Studies degree are eligible for Northeastern’s Two-Year Master of Architecture Program.

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Take all courses from Common Course sequence plus the following:

ARCS 2xxx Culture + Criticism Course 1
ARCS 5xxx Culture + Criticism Course 2

Two major electives from other departments:
ARTH 2210 Modern Art and Design History
ARTH 2211 Contemporary Art and Design History
ARTH 5100 Contemporary Art Theory & Criticism
ARTH 5200 Issues in Contemporary Art
ARTH 5300 Postmodernism Theory and Practice
ARTH 5400 Contemporary Visual Culture
LARC 2330 Cities, Landscape, and Modern Culture
LARC 2340 Cities, Landscape and Contemporary Culture