Transcripts must be in English and, if applicable, also in the language of instruction. English translated transcripts must be officially certified by a translator or by an educational credential evaluation agency.

Work Samples-M.Arch 1 Year-NU GRADS

Applicants with a B.S. in Architecture from Northeastern who graduated in 2010 and earlier will be required to prive work samples that demonstrate proficiency in Adobe Create Suite, Autocad and Sketch up. PDFs of 1 student project and 1 professional project should be sent to


Portfolios are required for all one-year candidates from schools other than Northeastern and all two-year candidates.

Three-year candidates with a design, art, and architectural studies (other than a BS in Architecture) background wishing to obtain any advanced placement must provide a portfolio. Portfolios are not required for three-year candidates with non-visual arts/non-architecture undergraduate degrees and/or no visual arts course work to show.

  1. A cover page with the student’s name, most recent degree (and any architectural degrees if they pre-date the student’s terminal degree), and the college/university where the degree(s) was received.
  2. Include a one-page (maximum) resume summary on page two that includes a list of relevant software skills (for example: SketchUp AutoCAD, Adobe CS, etc.) and a list of your past architecture design studio courses that includes year, level, credit hours and subject focus (for example: introductory design or urban housing)
  3. Include your academic projects in reverse chronological order – and include course name and a brief synopsis of the design problem
  4. If professional projects (not required) are included, they should be included in a separate section of the portfolio – and include project name, firm, a brief synopsis of the student’s role, and a brief synopsis of the project brief.
  5. Any non-architectural creative work (not required), such as painting, drawing, photography, etc., should be included in the last section of the portfolio. Labels for the work should follow the same format as architectural design work (see No. 3).
  6. The portfolio should be no larger than 9 x 12 inches.

M.ARCH: You may submit a hard copy portfolio (preferred) or submit online. Please only submit by one method only.

Hard Copy portfolios should be sent to:

Moki Smith
Coordinator, Graduate Student Services
College of Arts, Media and Design
360 Huntington Avenue
120 Meserve Hall
Boston, MA  02115

Portfolios can be submitted online via SlideRoom:


Portfolios are required for applicants to the one-year track.
They are not required for the two-year track.

  1. Portfolios may be submitted in hard copy, or digitally as pdf or by providing a URL to an online portfolio.
  2. Length: 8-12 pages.
  3. Content: include examples of previous studio projects. If you have worked in a design firm, include one or two examples of professional design or planning work. Additionally, one or two examples of other types of creative work can be included, such as photography, drawing, graphic design, horticultural design and other art forms.
  4. Include labels for each project indicating project title, date, and if applicable, the medium or software used to create it.

MDES: Hard Copy portfolios, a digital portfolio in pdf format, or a URL link to an online portfolio should be sent to:

Moki Smith
Coordinator, Graduate Student Services
College of Arts, Media and Design
360 Huntington Avenue
120 Meserve Hall
Boston, MA 02115