CAMD’s Creative Leaders Program began in fall 2012. Students in this program are in the forefront of CAMD’s innovative activities and reflect the creative spirit in the college. Creative Leaders are cultural ambassadors–to their peers, prospective students, and other constituencies in the larger Northeastern community.

Participating in the CAMD Creative Leaders Program entitles students to a range of unique and distinct opportunities. During their time at CAMD, Creative Leaders have access to special academic and creative experiences, including:

  • Mentoring from industry leaders, visiting artists and distinguished alumni
  • Behind-the-scenes and hands-on opportunities with exciting college events and programming
  • Special meetings with the Dean of the College of Arts, Media and Design
  • Development of a special entrepreneurial project
  • Assistance with locating and procuring equipment to fuel creative ideas
  • Assistance with securing funding and other resources to support creative projects
  • Eligibility to earn the distinction of Creative Leader Honors upon graduation

As one would expect of a distinctive program like Creative Leaders, participation in the program also entails some important responsibilities. These enable the program to foster the development of leaders in the arts, media and design fields and provide students with an opportunity to display their creative talents.

Students in the Creative Leaders Program are expected to attend a series of monthly meetings throughout the academic year. These are currently slated from 5:00 to 6:00 pm on the third Tuesday of each month in September, October, November, January, February and March. The Dean of the College will join the meetings in September and January. The remaining meetings will either be run autonomously by the students, or may include the College’s Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and the Director of Undergraduate Advising.

Creative leaders are also expected to attend at least two of the arranged mentoring events throughout each year, which typically coincide with events hosted through CAMD’s Center for the Arts.

Finally, students in this program are required to coordinate the production of the College’s Student Showcase of creative work. This involves planning the event, generating publicity and marketing materials and news articles, selecting the students to be featured, stage managing, filming, and at least once during their time at Northeastern, presenting their creative work in the showcase!

You can also download the print version of the Creative Leaders Program description and requirements.

Students may apply by submitting a portfolio of work demonstrating their outstanding experiences and capabilities.

  • Students applying for freshman admission to Northeastern in a CAMD major and are interested in being a part of Creative Leaders upon acceptance must submit portfolio materials online through SlideRoom, which will be associated with your Common Application.
  • Transfer students may apply as early as their first semester at Northeastern and should follow the current student submission guidelines below.
  • Current CAMD majors interested in joining the Creative Leaders Program must submit portfolio materials through Adam Smith.  Applications are due by the 4th Friday of October, 2nd Friday of February or 4th Friday of June each year.

Your portfolio must include:

  • A personal statement that provides a narrative of your experiences and capabilities as related to your area of creativity as well as address how you exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit of a Creative Leader.
  • Current Students: Include recommendation letter from a faculty member in your major or area of creative interest who can speak to your creative capabilities.
  • The discipline specific criteria described below.

Incoming students selected for the program will be notified by April 5, 2014.  If students are not selected upon admittance, they are still able to apply to the program, starting in the first semester as a Northeastern student.

Architecture and Landscape Architecture

  • Demonstrated talent in visual, spatial, or organizational representation of the built environment through drawing, photography, digital graphics, drafting, modeling, or art work.

Art + Design
Portfolio reflecting expertise, experience, and excellence in any of the areas taught in the Department of Art + Design

Communication Studies
A portfolio could include evidence of excellence in forensics, participation in political or organization campaigns, or experience in audio or visual production.

  • Forensics: Provide a list of achievements and awards
  • Participation in a political or organizational campaign: Provide a narrative of your participation or letters of recommendation from members of the campaign.
  • Production: Submit creative work that demonstrates experience with and excellence in radio or television production.

Prior experience and expertise with editing and writing for traditional or online newspapers and publications. Experience with broadcast or multimedia journalism.  Depending on your area of interest, please submit samples from one of the categories below.  In all cases, also submit a personal statement of 500-700 words discussing your interest in journalism.

  • Print: 3-5 print articles: can be reviews, reportage, opinion pieces
  • Video: 2-3 stories shot and/or reported by the candidate
  • Photos: 5-6 photos and/or a published photo essay
  • Layout/design: 2-3 pages

Media and Screen Studies
Submit one of the following depending on your area of interest:

  • A fiction film at least 5 minutes in length which demonstrates experience with and excellence in film production
  • A completed screenplay at least 30 pages in length
  • A documentary film at least 15 minutes in length, which demonstrates experience with producing and directing documentaries

Demonstrate talent and experience in Performance, Composition, or the Music Industry

  • Music Composition and Technology: Follow the Music Technology Portfolio requirements
  • Music Industry: An applicant may consider a portfolio submission that includes 3-5 original songs or arrangements, evidence of strong performance and/or studio work, evidence of potential in the business of music including materials related to concert promotion, concerts or related events organized, touring or tour management, artist management, entrepreneurship, and perhaps, evidence of music journalism. Music. In addition, a student may choose to provide evidence of on-line acumen, web site design, web promotion, etc. I think that those who have a focus on music production and engineering may submit original recordings in a format that displays their work to best advantage.

Demonstrated talent and experience with performance in professional or school theatre, technical production, or playwriting.  The Department of Theatre will review representative examples of your projects in a form that best suits you and your work, including: DVD, a URL to a password protected site (such as Vimeo or YouTube); Manuscript or URL link to a hosted document (such as Dropbox or Google Drive); Photos or URL link to an online-hosted photo album (such as Flickr); Audio CD or online-hosted music site file (such as SoundCloud).  In all instances, please include your resume.

  • Performance: Be sure to accompany your submission with a note including your name and the selections you will be presenting – the play, its author and the character(s) you are playing
    • Two contrasting scenes or monologues and, if you wish, 16 bars of a song.
    • Your selections should be no longer than a total of 2 minutes in length combined, not each, and should be of good technical quality with adequate light and good sound.
    • The camera should provide us with a good view of how you use your body to create character(s).
  • Production (Design/Technology/Stage Management): Please submit a DVD, hard copies, or URL link to cloud-hosted files.
    • Accompany your submitted video with your name and the name and author of the plays that represent your work.
    • Designers/technicians should provide a broad range of examples of their creative and artistic work.  These might include actual theatre designs and renderings, working drawings, props, puppets and costumes.  Additional submissions might include other artistic work such as photography, graphic design, video and audio design, sketches and fashion design or construction.
    • Stage Managers should include a few samples pages from a prompt script.
  • Playwriting: Please submit a writing sample.
    • Accompany your submitted material with your name and the titles of your submissions.
    • Please submit a short, one-act play and/or a character monologue.