College Facilities

Media Production


The Media Training Studios in Shillman Hall are available for the use of students enrolled in CAMD video production courses or engaged in independent study projects with a faculty supervisor. Students have the opportunity to borrow professional Panasonic P2 digital videocameras with related sound and lighting equipment. Post-production facilities include 22 Avid and Final Cut Pro editing workstations, all on a dedicated server.

There are two TV studios: one for traditional live production and one that boasts a green screen cyc wall/floor.

Students also have access to a full audio recording facility, with a performance space tied to a ProTools Control Room and a Digidesign 24-track audio board.

The Northeastern University Library also offers training and editing facilities in the Digital Media Design Studio. Digital video cameras may be checked out at Infocommons in the library.

Department Facilities



Ruggles Architecture Studio includes 300 work desks, two critique spaces available for use at all times, and additional critique space that can be created within the studio. It also includes a laser cutter and facilities for digital output to color plotters.

Art + Design


The Department of Art + Design offers students several advanced labs dedicated to a variety of media.

Computer Labs: a cross-platform facility of computer labs and printing facilities.
Art Studios: traditional art studio space for foundation courses.
Photography Lab: fully equipped analog darkrooms and digital imaging labs.
Video Studios: an advanced facility for video and TV media creation.

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Department maintains and Audio Lab to support courses in basic and advanced audio production. The lab includes 16 Apple iMac workstations running Pro Tools software with the appropriate peripherals.


The School of Journalism maintains a state-of-the-art newsroom that also functions as a working lounge and presentation and lecture space. The school also houses two computer labs equipped with iMacs and PCs with the latest software. Through the School’s relationship with the program in Creative Industries, students also have access to extensive offerings in interactive media.



Recording Studios
The Music Department is home to the university’s three state-of-the-art recording studios. These facilities produce master-quality recordings, many of which have been released on CD.

Music and Media Lab
The Music and Media Lab is a PC-based facility dedicated to instruction and completion of independent compositions by Music Technology students. This facility allows for a complete education in computer-based music composition, MIDI sequencing, digital audio mixing and mastering, sample processing, and software-based synthesis.

Advanced Studios A and B
Advanced Studios A and B are a single-station studios that allows students to record, compose, mix, and master their music on state-of-the-art equipment and loudspeakers. Studio A is PC-based and Studio B operates on a Mac platform.

Practice Rooms and Rehearsal Spaces
The Music Department has a number of practice rooms and rehearsal spaces, many equipped with pianos, drum kits, and/or amplifiers.



The Theatre Department is home to a 40-seat studio theatre for student productions and an 80-seat theatre where most departmental productions take place. Acting and movement studios are available for rehearsals and classwork. The department also houses a theatre library.