Categories of Funds in the Subsidiary Ledger

There are seven different categories of funds in the subsidiary ledger. The fund category (sometimes referred to as "ledger") can be determined by the first digit of the 6 digit fund or index number. Below is a list of the different fund categories in the subsidiary ledger, what each one represents and who has oversight.

  • Ledger 1 = Revenue - revenue is budgeted and recorded - Budget Office has oversight
  • Ledger 2 = Operating - expenses are budgeted and recorded - Budget Office has oversight
  • Ledger 3 = Designated - unrestricted funds commonly used for overhead return, Provost sponsored initiatives, on campus conferences, or other instances which require non lapsing capabilities and/or revenue collection - the Accounting Office has oversight
  • Ledger 5 = Grants and Contacts - federal grants - Research Administration and Finance has oversight
  • Ledger 6 = Restricted - donated funds recorded by University Advancement - the Accounting Office has oversight
  • Ledger 7 = Plant - plant related projects - Budget and Accounting work in tandem on these
  • Ledger 8 = Agency (SABO) - Student Activities Business Office has oversight