SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

BSM/LHC 09 at Northeastern

BSM-LHC Cover image

The International Workshop on "Beyond the Standard Model Physics and LHC Signatures (BSM-LHC)," will be held on 2-4 June. The SUSY09 conference will be held immediately afterwards. Conference registration and housing will be combined with that for SUSY09 (please see the links in the navigation bar to the left). Abstracts should be submitted using the BSM-LHC track on the SUSY09 abstract page.

Note to speakers: All talks will be 30 minutes in length which should include five minutes for questions.

Proceedings: A proceedings publisher has been selected. Details are on the Proceedings page, along with information on the BSM-LHC whitepaper.

Workshop Topics

  • SUSY and Extra Dimensions
  • Alternatives
  • LHC New Physics Signatures
  • Detector Simulations
  • LHC and dark matter

A partial list of invited speakers

  • Kiwoon Choi (Kaist, Korea)
  • Hooman Davoudiasl (Brookhaven)
  • Ulrich Ellwanger (LPT-Orsay)
  • Paul Frampton (North Carolina)
  • Ayres Freitas (Pittsburgh)
  • Michael Graesser (Los Alamos)
  • Jack Gunion (UC Davis)
  • Sven Heinemeyer (Cantabria Institute)
  • Steve King (Southampton)
  • Graham Kribs (Oregon)
  • Fabienne Ledroit-Guillon (Grenoble LPSC)
  • Zuowei Liu (Stony Brook)
  • Steven Martin (NIU)
  • B Mukhopadhyaya (Harish-Chandra)
  • Satya Nandi (Oklahoma)
  • Maxim Perelstein (Cornell)
  • Werner Porod (Wurzburg)
  • Arvind Rajaraman (UC Irvine)
  • Maria Spiropulu (CERN)
  • Jay Wacker (SLAC)
  • Lian Tao Wang (Princeton)
  • Dirk Zerwas (Orsay)