Welcome back, students!

It’s that time of year again– the shorts go to storage and the boots come out, and thousands of Northeastern students return to campus for another semester full of classes, co-op, extracurriculars, and of course, sandwiches from Rebecca’s (has anyone seen the lines there lately? It’s almost criminal!).

Speaking of criminal, world-renowned scholar and Brudnick Professor of Sociology and Criminology Jack Levin has returned this semester to instruct another substantial class in the ways and thought processes of serial killers, mass murderers, gang members, racist skinheads, and more.  If you haven’t heard of Jack or any of his work, but think you may be interested in learning more, stop by 567 Holmes Hall and ask Kelly for more info, or call the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence at (617) 373-4987.

Have a wonderful semester, everyone!

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