T.I.D.E: The Wave of Change

The Teenage Interfaith Diversity Education Conference 2010

Date: May 28-31, 2010

The Interfaith Action’s Youth Leadership Program, in collaboration with the Brudnick Center for the Study of Violence and Conflict at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts from Friday evening May 28, 2010 through Monday afternoon May 31, 2010.

WHO ARE YOU? Can WE talk?

This conference was planned and led by teens who want to have their voices heard and their presence felt as a positive force in the global community.

Empower youth to lead today!

Adults working with teens attended a parallel but separate adult track.

“Challenge your assumptions, experience other perspectives, share your traditions, have real dialogues – not debates – about things that really matter to you, all the while fostering new understanding and friendships.”

T.I.D.E. 2010 was an amazing weekend journey for teens, by teens.

Don’t stand there – catch this wave!

Go to www.ifaction.org for more information about Youth LEAD.

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