Fall 2013

Course Title Course Number
Criminology CRIM 2200
Crime Prevention CRIM 4040
Political Crime and Terrorism CRIM 4630
Crime, Media, and Public Opinion CRIM 4900
Drug Trade and Drug War: History, Security, Culture HIST 1206
America at War HIST 2213
War in the Modern World HIST 2214
Hitler, Germany, and the Holocaust HIST 2208
America, Islam, and the Middle East INTL 2200
International Conflict and Negotiation INTL 3400
International Relations POLS 1160
Social Psychology PSYC 3402
Abnormal Psychology PSYC 3406
Neuropsychology of Fear PSYC 3506
Social Problems SOCL 1228
Sociology of Violence SOCL 1241
Deviant Behavior and Social Control SOCL 1285
Race and Ethnic Relations SOCL 2270
Class, Power, and Social Change SOCL 2450
Class, Crime, and the Legal System SOCL 3406
Interpersonal Communication COMM 3230
Theories of Conflict and Negotiation COMM 3532
Economics of Crime ECON 1240
ST: The North of Ireland: Conflict, Reconciliation, and the Ongoing Quest for Peace HONR 1205