Brazil in the 21st Century: A Cultural Study of a Globalizing Nation Hosting High Profile Events:  FIFA World Cup, International Cooperation, Society, and the Global Context of the Portuguese Language .

The 2014 program is closed.  You are welcome to contact us should you would like to join the 2015 and/or 2016  Facebook early bird applicants’ list. Please contact the faculty leader Simone Elias (  or Teaching Assistant Allana Leight for more information.

Several agencies, institutions and organizations including the office of International Relations of the government of Belo Horizonte support the 2014 Brazil/ BH in the 21st program. This unique academic and cultural program offers students immersion into some of the world’s most dynamic, diverse and growing cities in Brazil: Belo Horizonte, also known as the Garden City and Brazil’s third largest city.

Two well-respected institutions host the program: 1) the top-ranked UNA University and 2) the Cultural Institute Brazil United States (ICBEU). The host university, UNA University, is a vibrant and innovative institution of higher education and is considered the best private university center in the state of Minas Gerais. Students will relate well to UNA University as it shares a similar profile to that Northeastern University, which aims to prepare students for life-long learning in a global, diverse marketplace.

Students will participate in two classes at ICBEU’s and UNA’s centrally located campuses around the Savassi and Lourdes districts of Belo Horizonte, which provide quick access to many historical and cultural points of the city. During this program, students will study the Portuguese language at the appropriated level, while interacting with their peers from UNA, professors and society. In addition, students will study the cultural dimensions of a fast growing city in Brazil – Belo Horizonte. The city has attracted some of the leading technology companies in the world, like Google and Fiat as well as hosting the 2014 World Cup. Belo Horizonte has also been awarded internationally for its policies on food security. In order to provide a holistic view of the Brazilian culture, and to decipher its cultural layers, excursions will complement the study of the Portuguese language Culture class, in addition, participants in the Belo Horizonte Dialogue will have opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with leading government officials, consul, policymakers, industrial giants, locals, and cultural experts.

The cultural immersion of the Belo Horizonte program is furthered through academic exchange with students at UNA University, whom will act as mentors and buddies during the program, introducing and assisting the students to decipher to the deepest layers of the Brazilian culture. The academic program will be complemented by numerous guided excursions, including an excursion to historical Ouro Preto, Sāo Joāo Del Rey, and Tiradents, along with a visit to the Marvelous City of Rio de Janeiro and other important satellite and historical cities in Brazil. During visits, students will have the opportunity to explore the cultural facets of a cosmopolitan city such as Belo Horizonte, a historical city of gold such as Ouro Preto and the fascinating Marvelous city Rio de Janeiro, thus developing the ability to view the Brazilian culture with different lenses and from different angles. In addition, students will also engage in lectures, and field visits with scholarly authorities and local leaders.

At the end of the program, students will have had the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with people from many diverse backgrounds, and thus gain exposure to a wide spectrum of Brazilian society and its culture. Ultimately, students will return home with a first-hand knowledge of the deepest layers of the Brazilian Culture.

Housing: In Belo Horizonte students will stay in double Hotel rooms. Student’s accommodations in Belo Horizonte feature apart hotel rooms with: bedroom with double beds, kitchen/bar integrated and individual bathroom in each double room ( you will be sharing a bathroom with your roommate) – you can select your roommates.  A continental all-you-can eat buffet breakfast with fresh delicious options including local favorites breads, eggs, selection of teas, coffee, fresh fruit and juices is included in this program.

Amenities: Amenities include a pleasant leisure area, near the hotel restaurant, with pool and sauna, and a fitness area outdoors in front of the pool. In addition, your accommodations feature:  LCD TV, Cable TV, Safe, Radio, Direct dial telephone, fitted kitchen with appliances in each suite, Minibar, Bathroom, Wireless Internet, Balcony, Hairdryer, daily housekeeping service, , air conditioning rooms, direct dial telephone, wake-up call, closet, bathroom with shower towels, bath amenities, and 24/7 security key. The hotel is walking distance to the Liberty Palace, ICBEU and UNA University.  In Rio de Janeiro, students will stay at the Military Hotel Club waking distance to the Lagoon.





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