Northeastern University / Boston Public High Schools

Boston Housing Authority
Since 1984, Northeastern University and the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) have worked together to help over 250 BHA residents attend Northeastern University tuition free.

Any BHA resident who is interested in attending full-time to earn a Bachelor’s Degree may apply for admission to Northeastern.  At the same time, you apply for consideration for a BHA scholarship, which covers 100% of tuition costs.  Students must submit a letter from the BHA Community Services Director verifying residence in a BHA Housing Development. If you receive the scholarship, you must maintain the required GPA at Northeastern and participate in the Civic Engagement Program, requiring 100 hours of civic engagement experience through the Center for Community Service.  

Boston Public High School Scholarship
Students attending a Boston Public High School (BPHS) and who are in the top 10 percent of their high school class and demonstrate exceptional academic and personal achievement including leadership skills, community involvement, strong work ethic, resiliency, or other qualities indicative of the ability to contribute to Northeastern's diverse and vibrant community may qualify for this scholarship. BPHS scholarships include full tuition, room and board. Students must be nominated by their high school guidance office or headmaster.

Ujima Scholars Program
The Ujima Scholars Program, an educational program offered through the John D. O'Bryant African American Institute, was founded in 1972. The goal of this freshman year program, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, is to help students achieve sophomore status in the major and college of their choice. “Ujima”, a Swahili word meaning “collective work and responsibility”, represents a guiding principle for Scholars and staff members. The program offers rigorous academic instruction in writing, oratory and research development and provides academic, personal and career counseling, workshops, information sessions, community service and leadership development opportunities, and cultural connectivity.

Ujima Scholars are selected by the freshmen admission committee and African American Institute staff. Ujima Scholars are eligible for a limited number of need-based grants that can cover up to full tuition.

Torch Scholarship
The Torch Scholars Program awards full tuition, fees, and room-and-board scholarships for its Summer Immersion Program and eight subsequent semesters of undergraduate study. Scholars receive personal and academic support from the program throughout their undergraduate careers, including mentoring, workshops, and social events which maintain group identity and camaraderie.

Applicants who are nominated by an educational professional, such as a guidance counselor, are considered. Candidates will have faced significant personal, educational, and/or socioeconomic disadvantages or hardships which kept them from reaching their full academic potential. Torch Scholars are students who may not qualify for admission based on past academic performance but who clearly demonstrate other personal qualities indicative of their ability to succeed at Northeastern.