The Bouvé College of Health Sciences curricula all have a strong science component; as such students wishing to be admitted to Bouvé as internal transfers must demonstrate strong performance in lab science courses prior to full admission.

All internal transfer applicants should familiarize themselves with the academic progression policies of their intended major before applying.  Some majors require a 3.0 GPA to enter the professional phase of the program.  The School of Pharmacy requires an interview to enter the professional phase of the program.  Policies can be found here.

Internal Transfer Applicants should also review the provided program plans for your major of interest to see what Year of Study you will fit into.  Summer coursework may be an option to make up one or two classes that you are missing.  Professional classes (starting in HSCI, HLTH, NRSG, PHMD, PHSC, PHTH, PT, and SLPA) must be taken at Northeastern.  A Bouvé Office of Student Service advisor will help you to determine exactly where you will fall in the curriculum.

We strongly recommend students talk to their financial aid advisor in 354 Richards Hall to find out the financial implications of your proposed change.