After reviewing the information on this website, schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in 120 BK.  A list of advisors can be found in the Contact section of this website.  Please set up your appointment via your myNEU account.

At this meeting you will review your interest in your new major, course requirements, and the Year of Study that you will fit into for your program of choice.

Students are required to submit the following for internal transfer:

ο  Completed Program of Study Petition
ο  Unofficial transcript from Northeastern
ο  Unofficial transcript from any other schools attended
ο  Personal Statement referencing your science studies and detailing what compels you to be interested in your new major

Documentation is due on the last day of classes of the semester.  It can either be e-mailed to the Bouvé Office of Student Services advisor in your major of interest, or delivered in person to the Bouvé Office of Student Services front desk in 120 Behrakis Health Sciences Center.

Students will be admitted either Directly or Provisionally.  Reviews will take place in May, August, and December.

Denial: If you do not meet the entrance criteria required for admittance, we will be unable to offer you admission into the program at the time of application.

Direct: If you meet the entrance criteria for your new major, your petition will be approved and processed and you will receive a confirmation email that you have been changed into your new major.

Provisional: If you meet some but not all of the entrance criteria, you will receive an email offering the possibility of provisional admittance for one semester.  Under these circumstances, students are required to:

ο  Meet with an Academic Advisor in 120 Behrakis to complete an Academic Plan for Provisional Majors.

ο  Meet the terms specified on the Academic Plan at the end of your provisional semester.

ο  If you do not meet the criteria of your provisional plan at the end of one semester, you will be required to meet with an Academic Advisor in 120 Behrakis to discuss alternative major options.