Begin the transfer process by exploring your interest in changing majors. Examine your goals, skills and values to ensure that they are a good fit for the major and career you are considering.  Make sure you understand the academic and professional practice involved in your field of choice.  We recommend the following resources:

ο  Talk to your current faculty and/or academic advisor.

ο  Set up an appointment with an advisor in Career Services.  You can do this on the Career Services tab on your myNEU.  You can also access Career Services  information online.

ο  Read course descriptions for the classes that you would be taking for the new major. You should be interested in the class work of your proposed major! You can find course descriptions here.

ο  Look online for more information about Healthcare Careers at websites such as,, and

ο  Shadow a professional in your field of interest.

ο  Volunteer at a hospital, rehab center, clinic or in a research setting.