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Office of Student Services
120 Behrakis Health Science Center
Tel: 617.373.3320
Fax: 617.373.8994

Office Hours
8:30am to 5:00pm | M-F

Did you know? You can check your advisor’s walk-in hours and/or schedule an appointment online through myNEU (Self-Service tab, Advising Resources channel, Advisor Calendar link).

myNEU Information

Bouvé Student Services relies heavily on students’ myNEU accounts to make important announcements and to share pertinent, major-specific information. As a Bouvé student, it is crucial for you to use your myNEU account or, at least, make sure that e-mail being sent to your myNEU account is forwarded to your preferred e-mail account.

Forwarding e-mails
To have e-mails sent from your personal account to your myNEU account:

  1. Login to your myNEU account.
  2. Click on the e-mail icon
  3. Click on the Options tab.
  4. Click on the link to Auto Forward.
  5. Enter the e-mail address where you would like your e-mail forwarded.
  6. Click OK.

Online appointments
You can also make an appointment with your Academic Advisor using your myNEU account. It’s easy to make an appointment online!

  1. Log onto your myNEU account.
  2. Go to the Self-Serivce tab.
  3. Click the “Advisor Calendar” link (under the “Advising Resources” section).
  4. Select your advisor’s name.
  5. Click on arrow to expand or collapse calendar to view walk-in hour and appointment blocks. (During walk-in hours, you do not need an appointment to see your advisor; you can just stop in.)
  6. Scroll down to select the date and time for your appointment.
  7. Enter your contact info and reason for appointment.
  8. Click “Book Appointment”.

My Degree Audit

Northeastern allows you to monitor your progress towards a degree, including transfer credit, through the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). You can access your degree audit through myNEU by going to the Self-Service tab and clicking on “My Degree Audit.” Below are instructions for checking your degree audit for transfer credit status.

Step 1 – Check your degree audit for transfer credit status
Run a new degree audit, which is accessible through your myNEU portal. When your audit is ready to view, scroll down to the section marked “Additional Course Information.” You will see several categories of transfer credit, depending on your transfer credit situation.

Step 2 – Explanation of transfer credit categories
Non-Transferable Coursework: The course was evaluated by a faculty member of the appropriate department, and the course was deemed to be ineligible to transfer to Northeastern for degree completion. There is nothing else to do for these courses. The faculty determination is final.

  • Courses with Non-Transferable Grades: These are courses in which you received a grade of C- or lower or received another non-transferable grade such as Pass/Fail, Withdrawn or Incomplete. There is nothing more to do for courses in this category.
  • Unknown or Ungraded Transfer Courses: Courses fall in this category because Admissions has not yet received an official transcript with final grades from your prior institution. Most often, these courses are listed with an “IP” instead of a “T” for the grade for the course if we are missing the official transcript with all final grades. You may also see courses labeled with “NRT,” which needs to be brought to the attention of the Admissions Office. Contact Admissions at 617.373.2200 or at to get more instructions on how to fix these courses.
  • Transfer Course Yet to be Evaluated: Courses in this category have yet to be reviewed by a faculty member. To start this process you must send description(s) for course(s) listed with “No Rules”) Email course description(s) to Be sure to include name of the institution, course title and catalog (?) number.
  • ***If you have AP credit or college credit that is not listed at all, contact to find out if the admissions office has received final copies of your official transcripts or if there is something else holding up the transfer credit process. Otherwise, Northeastern is not aware of this credit and you should immediately request an official transcript from your college or request that the College Board send a grade report of your AP scores to Northeastern.

Step 3 – Review for all grades and transfer credit completeness
Pay very close attention to the Total “Transfer Credit” category under the “Additional Course Information” section. Don’t forget that AP and IB credit is considered transfer credit, so keep an eye out for it! If any transfer course work is missing, contact to find out if the admissions office has received final copies of your official transcripts or if there is something else holding up the transfer credit process.

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