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The Bouvé College Undergraduate Student Manual does NOT include all the information you need to know about your program of study and the policies of the College or the University. It is not intended to duplicate other University publications that are accessible to all students, or those provided by your program department or school. Therefore, you should use this manual in conjunction with other published materials. Please consult the current NU Undergraduate Student Handbook/Planner, the current academic year NU Undergraduate Catalogue Full-time Day Programs, the NU Cooperative Education Handbook, and your individual program materials about scholastic policy and regulations, curriculum plans, and clinical requirement procedures.

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2014-2015 Undergraduate Student Maunal | 2014-2015 Bouve Academic Standards
2013-2014 Undergraduate Student Manual | 2013-2014 Bouve Academic Standards
Undergraduate Student Manual | 2012-2013 Bouve Academic Standards
2011-2012 Undergraduate Student Manual | 2011-2012 Bouve Academic Standards
2010-2011 Undergraduate Student Manual | 2010-2011 Bouve Academic Standards
2009-2010 Undergraduate Student Manual | 2009-2010 Bouve Academic Standards
2008-2009 Undergraduate Student Manual | 2008-2009 Bouve Academic Standards

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