Karen GouldPhD
Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs
Department: Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology
Office: 404 International Village

Phone: 508.533.7070
Fax: 617.373.8892
Email: k.gould@neu.edu


PhD, MA, BSEd, University of Kansas

Learning and motivation
Organizational behavior
High education

Selected Publications:

Gould, K.E. (2005). Treating challenging behaviors: The impact of methodological and conceptual advances in applied behavior analysis. Behavior Analyst Today, Vol. 6, No.3.

Gould, K.E. (2005). The corporate university: A model for sustaining an expert workforce in the human services, Behavior Modification, 29, 508-520

Howard, B. & Gould, K.E. (2000). Strategic planning for employee happiness:  A business goal for human service organizations. American Journal of Mental Retardation, 105, 377-386.

Dr. Gould has secured over 14 million dollars in training, research, and demonstration project grants. Her primary interest is in changing the systems of care to individuals with developmental disabilities through manpower development, service delivery improvement, and research on clinical and educational procedures.  Her most recent research grant examined the influence of functional movement training on the life-skill development of children with development disabilities.

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