Justin Manjourides PhD
Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Health Sciences
Office: 312D RB

Email: j.manjourides@neu.edu


Education/degrees: PhD

Specializations/Research Interests: Biostatistics

Courses: PHTH5210 

Manjourides J, and Pagano M. Improving chronic disease surveillance by incorporating residential history. Statistics in Medicine. August 2011; 30 (18).

Park PJ, Manjourides J, Bonetti M, and Pagano M. A permutation test for determining signifi- cance of clusters with applications to spatial and gene expression data. Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis. 53:4290-4300, 2009.

Edillo F, Kiszewski A, Manjourides J, Pagano M., Hutchinson M., et al. The effects of latitude and longitude on the population structure of the Culex pipiens complex mosquito vectors of West Nile virus in eastern North America. Am J Trop Health and Hygiene. 81: 842 - 848, 2009.

 Ozonoff A, Jeffery C, Manjourides J, White LF, and Pagano M. Effect of spatial resolution on cluster detection: a simulation study, International Journal of Health Geographics 6:52, 2007

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