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Homeless Shelter Language Literacy Groups

The Homeless Shelter Story Telling Group was created in 1997 by Dr. O'Neil-Pirozzi to stimulate the language literacy development of young children who are homeless. Under Dr. O'Neil-Pirozzi's supervision, Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology undergraduate and graduate students volunteer to facilitate this weekly group at family homeless shelters with an average of 30 children a year.

Boston Guild Programs

Boston Public School System

The Communications Research Laboratory, under the direction of Matthews Distinguished Professor Mary Florentine, has maintained an ongoing relationship with Speech-Language Pathologists in the Boston Public Schools. In addition to providing conference space and audio & visual equipment for training purposes, our faculty and staff provide guidance when requested. This relationship provides our Department with the opportunity to maintain a connection with colleagues practicing educational speech-language pathology.

Susan Fine, CCC-SLP, oversees the Language Literacy Program (LLP). Through this program, SLP graduate students provide literacy-based services to kindergarten children at the Renaissance Charter School in Boston.

See the article, "Renaissance Literacy Partnership Shines at Chicago Convention" in the Renaissance Newsletter for more information.

Preschool/Elementary Screenings

The SLPA Department provides speech and hearing screening services to area schools. For more information, please contact:

Consult Speech:
Sarah Young-Hong, Director
Speech-Language Pathology

Consult Hearing:
Sandra Cleveland, Director

Community Involvement Events

The Speech and Hearing Club Relay for Life team was a grand success! Our team of 14 surpassed our fundraising goal and were able to raise $1,230 for the American Cancer Society.

Speech and Hearing Club Relay for Life


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