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Information on our Accent Modification Program

Northeastern University Speech-Language and Hearing Center provides assessment, treatment, counseling and referral services to children and adults with hearing, balance, communication and/or swallowing problems. We are dedicated to enhancing prevention and to developing and providing innovative clinical programs to people of all ages. Our full service center is technologically advanced and staffed with licensed speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and graduate students who work collaboratively with families and caregivers to develop individualized treatment plans.

Location & Contact Information:
30 Leon Street
503 Behrakis Health Sciences Center
Front Desk: 617-373-2492
Fax: 617-373-8756

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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
**Please call ahead if stopping by to pick up or drop off information or audiology products to ensure the Center will be open upon your arrival.**


Clinical Audiology Services

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations for Adults 
  • Developmentally Appropriate Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations for Children and Infants/Toddlers
    • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
    • Conditioned Play Audiometry
    • Speech Audiometry and Select-A-Picture Audiometry
    • Evoked Response Audiometry for infants and little ones unable to complete the above procedures
  • Tympanometry to assess middle ear function
  • Acoustic Reflex Measurements to assess middle ear and neural function
  • Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (“OAEs”) to assess cochlear or “inner ear” function.
  • Balance Assessment
    • Videonystagmography
    • Rotary Chair Tests
    • Non-computerized Posturography
  • Central Auditory Processing (CAP) Evaluations for Children and Adults
  • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Management Program
  • Hearing Screenings
  • Hearing Aid Fittings, Repairs, and Programming for Children and Adults
  • Custom Musician's Ear Protectors and In-Ear Monitors
To schedule an appointment or request cost information, please call the Center at 617-373-2492.  

Further inquiries can be directed to:

Patricia Mauceri, Director, Audiology

617-373-7016, P.Mauceri@neu.edu

Clinical Speech Services

  • Early Detection and Treatment for Preschool Aged Children
  • Individual and Group Speech Therapy Sessions for School Aged Children
  • Language Literacy Program
  • Central Auditory Processing
  • Aphasia and Related Disorders
  • Voice Problem Evaluation and Therapy
  • Swallowing Evaluation and Therapy
  • Accent Modification
  • Parent Support Group
  • Speaker Anxiety Workshops
  • Assessment and Treatment of Fluency Problems


The Center provides therapy on a fee for service policy.  Individual treatment is currently $35 per session, and the fee for an evaluation is $150.  For individuals unable to afford services, a payment plan or reduced fee schedule/scholarship may be considered.Payment for evaluations is made on the day of appointment—checks, credit cards, or money orders are accepted.  If therapy or training services are recommended, a charge for each session will occur, and these payments are made prior to starting each day’s appointment.  The Center does not accept insurance, and prompt payments are necessary to ensure continued services.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Please note: An evaluation completed within the last six months and recommendations for services are required prior to starting therapy. 

The Center maintains a waiting list for prospective clients for evaluations and therapy sessions. To secure a slot on this list, please:

  1. Complete an “Intake Form,” which can be accessed via the link below (select “Child Intake Form” if completing this for an individual under the age of 18).  Please answer all the questions as completely as you can; the information on this form will be confidential.
  2. Forms can be completed electronically and emailed to s.younghong@neu.edu.  To complete this form by hand, select “Intake Form—Fax”, and fax the completed form to 617-373-8756.
  3. Once Intake Forms are received, we will begin the process of scheduling and planning an appointment for you (or your child). This may take several weeks or months, depending on the length of our waiting list and factors of University scheduling. Please be sure to email or fax any recent evaluation reports or relevant documentation to accompany the Intake Form.  If there are any difficulties opening the links, please call the Center at 617-373-2492.

Intake Form Links:

Child Intake Form (Electronic Submission)

Adult Intake Form (Electronic Submission)

Child Intake Form (For Fax Submission)

Adult Intake Form (For Fax Submission)

Initial appointments for evaluations are approximately two hours.  After the evaluation, information regarding recommendations will be provided, which may include therapy, additional testing, or seeking out other resources outside the Center.

Further inquiries can be directed to:

Sarah Young-Hong, Director, Speech-Language Pathology

617-373-3046, s.younghong@neu.edu