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Safe and Sound Return Project

Subcontract: Institute on Urban Health Research, Northeastern University

Prime: Boston Public Health Commission
Funding Agency: SAMHSA
Project Period: 10/01/09-9/30/12

The purpose of the proposed Safe and Sound Return (SSR) project is to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment and reentry services for women returning to the community from incarceration. This population has a well documented need for services related to substance abuse treatment, STI's, job training/placement, medical/mental health services and housing. SSR will serve 195 women in Years 1-3 of the project. The goals of the project are to: 1) create the SSR project in order to enhance our system's capacity to implement a coordinated continuum of care services from correctional institutions to the community setting for women; 2) enhance the system through which incarcerated women are engaged in reentry planning inside the correctional facility and to integrate reentry services post-release, using the evidence-based APIC model and 3) enhance BPHC services for women in need of substance abuse treatment who are released from jail & provide them with access to comprehensive, gender and culturally competent substance abuse treatment and reentry support services. The objectives are to 1) establish an Interagency Working Group (IWG) including CBO's, substance abuse treatment providers, staff from correctional facilities, providers from various sites within the BPHC system of care and key project staff; 2) establish an Interdisciplinary Resource Team (IRT) to support implementation of project's service elements and integration of activities into BPHC's substance abuse services continuum; 3) beginning approximately 90 days before the scheduled release date, engage women incarcerated at South Bay and MCI Framingham in individualized and group pre-release reentry planning to support screening and assessment of substance abuse and coordination of continued care from institution to community; 4) beginning no later than 48 hours post-release, work individually and in groups with women to help them to transition into a stable living environment and support their entry into and continued engagement with evidence-based substance abuse treatment; 5) improve the overall well being of approximately 195 women by decreasing their use and abuse of prescription, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, improving their physical and mental health, decreasing women's involvement in and exposure to crime, violence and physical, emotional and sexual abuse; 6) enhance our services for women and improve family functioning by delivering Family Nurturing Program and Family Therapy services; 7) enhance our services by providing psychoeducational and skills building groups including: a) Trauma Recovery and Empowerment (TREM), b) Women's' HIV Prevention Leadership Training Institute (WLTI), c) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and d) The Reentry Entrepreneurship Training Program. The SSR will be housed within the BPHC's Addictions Bureau which provides a continuum of substance abuse services. The primary outcomes to be measured by the formative, process and outcome evaluation are: alcohol/drug use; addiction severity; mental health and trauma symptomatology; quality of life as related to health, family and social functioning and stress, and risk behaviors including drug and HIV risk.

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