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ROSC Men's Treatment Intervention

Subcontract: Institute on Urban Health Research, Northeastern University

Prime: Boston Public Health Commission
Funding Agency: SAMHSA
Project Period: 10/01/09-9/30/12

The purpose of the Boston Public Health Commission's proposed Boston Consortium of Services for Men in Recovery (BCSMR) is to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment services for Latino and African American Men ages 18 and older with a history of co-occurring (substance abuse and mental health) issues and to transform the Boston Public Health Commission's substance abuse treatment system into a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC). This population has a well documented need for services related to substance abuse treatment, STI's, job training/placement, medical/mental health services and housing, among others. The proposed project will serve 64 men annually in Years 1-3. The goals of the project are to: a) to develop and implement the Boston Consortium of Services for Men in Recovery (BCSMR) a ROSC model for a city-public health department serving poor inner city, culturally diverse men with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and mental illness and b) expand services to serve a minimum of 192 men from our target population by providing them with access to high quality, comprehensive, community-based, integrated, recovery support and culturally competent outpatient substance abuse treatment services. The objectives are to: a) establish a Steering Committee to provide input and direction in the implementation of overall project goals and objectives; b) establish an Interdisciplinary Resource Team (IRT) to support the integration of ROSC elements into services provided within the BPHC substance abuse treatment sites; c) establish a Consumer Integration Roundtable to serve as a forum for Consumers to provide input and direction in the overall implementation of project's goals and objectives and issues of service integration across BPHC treatment; d) increase understanding of ROSC principles and characteristics and service integration strategies among providers, community-based organizations, collaborators, consumers and allies that will comprise the BCSMR; e) provide an integrated evidence-based case management system; f) provide M-TREM, an evidence-based trauma intervention designed for men with history of trauma; and g) incorporate an intervention to address relapse prevention, through the implementation of "Straight Ahead: Transition Skills for Recovery," an evidence-based curriculum designed to reinforce key recovery behaviors. The BCSMR will be housed within the Boston Public Health Commission's Men's Health and Recovery program, an outpatient substance abuse treatment program that primarily serves poor men of color in Boston. The program evaluation will focus on formative, process and outcomes. The primary outcomes to be measured are alcohol and drug use; addiction severity; mental health and trauma symptomatology; quality of life as related to health, social functioning and environmental support and access to substance abuse treatment and recovery support services.

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